George leaves BOQ with $1.1 million – his legacy is wanting to cut your pay and conditions

Did you see the news that CEO George Frazis has left BOQ?

Did you also see that he is leaving with an estimated $1.1M payout?!?

And yet while George receives his golden handshake, BOQ want us to accept a proposal that would see our pay go backwards against the cost of living, slash redundancy payments for our newer colleagues and cut overtime entitlements for some staff.

This instability at the top of BOQ management also comes at a time when we are looking for certainty, security, and stability at work. BOQ Group’s acquisition of ME Bank is still new for many of us, and BOQ are continuing to make changes, like last week’s announcement that our Perth Contact Centre will be closed.

Ask BOQ why they want to cut your pay and conditions at the AGM

The BOQ AGM is being held next Tuesday 6 December. If you are a shareholder you have the right to submit a question online. You can do so HERE.

You could ask why BOQ want to slash redundancy entitlements at a time the ex-CEO gets a $1.1M payout or why BOQ are offering real wage cuts to staff as senior execs get 8%!

We need leadership that values our contribution to BOQ Group. Until we get it, it’s our job to look out for our own best interests, and that means rejecting BOQ’s insulting offer when it goes to ballot.

Commit to Vote No NOW

If you haven’t done so already, we are calling on you to commit to Vote No when the ballot opens:

  • Commit to Vote No against real wage cuts
  • Commit to Vote No against slashing redundancy entitlements and two-tier systems
  • Commit to Vote No against cutting overtime entitlements
  • Commit to Vote No against hierarchies of long service leave entitlements
  • Commit to Vote No against removing RDOs for new starters

I’ve already committed to Vote No, what can I do next?

That’s great. Now we need as many of your colleagues as possible on board, too. Tell your colleagues why you’re rejecting BOQ’s insulting offer and ask your colleagues to Commit to Vote No, too.

It’s the only way we can build the majority required to win a better deal for all of us.

And if you know someone who is not an FSU member or you’re not sure if they’re a union member, then ask them:  Will you join us to fight for a better deal?

Your FSU Team