Great Southern Bank EA 2021


On Friday, MANAGEMENT’S MIDNIGHT AGREEMENT will go to ballot. Let us know if you commit to vote NO!

I Commit to vote no!!

What have we learned in the past week? Management’s deal is rubbish (not to mention their tactics).

Here is why:

❌ 2.5% guaranteed pay is far below the cost of living (3.8% in 2021) and does not meet the principles of pay being ahead of the cost of living.

❌ The agreement gives management enormous control over part time workers and reduces their right to access part time loading for additional hours.

❌ Staggered hours in the call centre means less certainty for those workers.

❌ No improvements on superannuation.

❌ Nothing on job security and for new starters there are less redundancy entitlements.

❌ No improvements on staff communication.

So when the ballot opens this Friday…

It is important that more people get the message. Forward this email to your colleagues and tell them why you are voting NO.

United we win, divided we lose.

Your FSU team

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary