Have you checked your health cover lately?

It’s easy to let things like your health insurance just roll along year after year.

But a quick check could really save you. Member Advantage shares a very healthy partnership with HCF, Australia’s largest not-for-profit health insurance provider. HCF put their profits back into providing better quality and better value cover for their customers.

The partnership means you have access to exclusive corporate products, you pay less for hospital cover and you also get higher extras limits for things like General and Major Dental, compared to equivalent levels of cover in our standard products. Go on, take the time to see how much you could save with HCF today.

Access HCF Here


* Up to your annual limit.
** Treatment fully covered by your policy that is required as a result of an accident. Excludes Restricted Services and Excluded Services on your policy.
Subject to available waiting periods.
Conditions and eligibility criteria apply.
Starting after your first 12 months of Extras cover and growing every year up to year six. Unused Limit Boost cannot be carried into the following year.