Have You Got Your Ballot??

FSU Members have begun to receive their Protected Action Ballots in the mail already! Ballots have been delivered in most of Vic and NSW, and yesterday they started to hit Qld. Keep your eyes on the post!

Still not sure what this is all about? Here’s everything you need to know about PABO: https://www.fsunion.org.au/cba-ea-protected-action-ballot

What to do when you get your ballot:

  1. Vote YES to all 13 items
  2. Sign and date the declaration envelope
  3. Place the ballot in the declaration envelope, seal it, don’t tear off the flap.
  4. Put the declaration envelope in the reply-paid envelope
  5. Put it in the post the same day!!!

Watch this video explainer about completing the ballot: https://youtu.be/sc1hXVVo120

Why Is Your YES Vote So Important?

The majority of FSU members need to not only take part in the vote, but also vote Yes to make this vote a success for everyone.

It’s important to know that voting Yes to the items on the ballot does not mean that we will actually do them. This ballot is part about asking for the legal protection to take these actions, if that’s what we decide to do later.

We have come this far by sticking together and standing up for each other. We will only succeed if we keep that up!

If you want to know which address your ballot will be headed to, you can contact the AEC at:
PABevents@aec.gov.au or
call either: (02) 9375 6366 or (03) 9285 7111 and quote the ballot order number: B2020/700

Send us a picture of your ballot going in the post through Facebook: m.me/FinanceSectorUnion

Or send an email to fsuinfo@fsunion.org.au with your pic attached!

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary