Have your say on their dodgy EA

Confidential FSU feedback form

As you’ve heard, MyState are trying to steamroll the EA process into a vote before negotiations have finished, and before members have time to consider it. We got the bank to postpone – but only by six days.

MyState still wants to put their deal to a vote in less than two weeks. We urgently need your feedback on some of MyState’s specific proposals, especially the bank’s proposed pay structure.

Fill out our feedback form and let us know exactly what you think!

Invite all your colleagues, members or non-members, to have their say too.

We need a real EA that respects our contribution

We deserve a fair pay rise – a 3% increase for all staff in 2022 and 2023, not just this year. We deserve our pay rise to be backdated to October last year, when the EA was due to expire; not to April this year when negotiations had already begun.

You can also join our FSU zoom on Monday 3rd of May at 7:30pm so we can discuss the bank’s deal and represent members’ views to MyState HR the following day.

We can and will push MyState to do better. We’ve already defeated the bank’s proposal to cut our redundancy by up to 70%. Let’s win a better deal for everyone at MyState.

In Unity,

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary