HBF - The Fight Has Only Begun

Sometimes we have to accept a loss and in this case, we were not able to secure the no vote at HBF.  This means that management’s proposed agreement covering about 1000 HBF employees will become enforceable despite its substandard pay and conditions.

Now begins the difficult task of enforcing what you do have and ensuring that management are held accountable to the terms that they have imposed on you.

It was CLOSE.

Of the more than 800 staff who voted, 300 voted NO which is a very significant group of people who are not happy with the deal.

We must thank all of the members and representatives who helped to fight this rotten deal and the tireless efforts of your organising team, Gillian Allpress, Tamsyn Berndt, and Gavin Scott who fought this all the way with you.

There will be a short period between now and when the Fair Work Commission formally certifies the agreement but come 2022 we will need to start the long process of holding management accountable for their rotten deal.

We often say you either win or you learn and in this case, we learned that there are a large number of staff who agree with your union message of positivity and change.  If you know folks who voted no and are not members of the union forward them this email and encourage them to join today. www.fsunion.org.au/join

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary