Health and Safety is core union business

Creating safe and healthy workplaces has always been core union business.

In the next few weeks WHS Ministers from every State, Territory, and Federal government will vote on recommendations that could make our workplaces safer – but they need to hear from you.

These changes are designed to:

  • Reduce instances of workplace sexual harassment;
  • Improve or eliminate risks to mental health;
  • Hold employers accountable for negligence causing death; and
  • Strengthen rights for health and safety representatives.

But not enough Ministers have committed to adopt these changes.

Can you send an email to these Ministers about how important it is that Government supports the improvements to work safety laws?


During the pandemic Union members fought for better protections on the frontline – for screens, social distancing and sanitisers – or at home with ergonomic workstations.

You have the power to continue making work safer for every worker in the country.