We only have 24 hours before health and safety ministers meet

TOMORROW, Work Health and Safety Ministers from the States, Territories and the Federal Government will meet to discuss and vote on key changes to Work Health and Safety laws.

These changes would require employers to identify and address risks to mental health, in the same way they are required to with risks to physical health.

You can help convince these Ministers to support these changes by sending them an email.

Other parts of the changes are designed to reduce instances of workplace sexual harassment, hold employers accountable for negligence causing death and strengthen rights for health and safety representatives.

There will be nine ministers who vote at the meeting.

Six of them need to support the changes for them to be adopted.

It’s likely that Minister Cash will cast the deciding vote on whether these changes become law in every workplace in Australia.

Tell her today that these changes are important by sending an email here.

In Unity,


Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary