Help us plan our next event: Politics in the pub - Mental Health for Young Professionals

We all know how much our health suffers when work is stressful, unrewarding or even toxic. Last year, 56% of finance workers reported that their mental health suffered because of their work.

That’s why it’s important we work together with our colleagues to keep the conversation alive around mental health in our workplaces.

We’re planning to host a “Politics in the Pub” style event that includes lively, interesting conversation and talks from experts.

We are looking for young finance professionals who are passionate about improving mental health to join us for a planning meeting this Wednesday 24 August at 5:30pm AEST  

Come and share your experience, ideas, and suggestions on how to get most value for our members.

Mental health for young professionals – register for planning meeting here!


Your FSU Team

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary