HESTA proposes to change our vehicle arrangements

HESTA is proposing to replace our allocated fleet vehicles with a vehicle allowance.

Our entitlement to a fleet vehicle is contained in our Enterprise Agreement (EA).  This means that it can only be removed if we agree, or if we agree to vary our EA. 

If you have a fleet vehicle and work in one of these roles, HESTA’s proposal will impact you:

Growth Team 

  • Business Development Manager
  • Business Relationship Manager
  • Business Relationship Engagement Manager

Member Engagement 

  • Superannuation Specialist
  • Member Education Manager

We have lots of questions about this proposal including how the transitional payments will work and what kinds of vehicles we can purchase.  You can read the full list of questions here.

The consultation period for this proposal is now open.  This is our opportunity to have our questions answered and provide feedback.

The FSU will be providing feedback on this proposal to HESTA.

Click here now to share your views with us.

Look out for an invitation to a meeting next week to discuss our feedback and plan next steps.

Our Union community is here to support all of us when things change – if you’d like to speak to someone about what this proposal means for you, contact our FSU Organiser Sarah on 0434 321 782, email sarah.tam-perez@fsunion.org.au, or call the FSU Member Rights Centre on 1300 366 378.

In unity
Your FSU Team @ HESTA

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary