HESTA Proposes to Changes our Vehicle Arrangements

HESTA is proposing to replace our allocated fleet vehicles with a vehicle allowance.

Our entitlement a fleet vehicle is contained in our Enterprise Agreement.  This means that it can only be removed if we agree to vary our Enterprise Agreement. We have lots of questions about this proposal including about how the transitional payments will work and what kinds of vehicles we can purchase.

We have asked HESTA these questions about their proposal:

  • How many people currently have a fleet vehicle allocated?
  • How many people in the Growth team do you expect to be impacted?
  • How many people in the Member Engagement team to you expect to be impacted?
  • What is the amount of the transition payment?
  • Will this payment be made to new starters with the Fund?
  • Are there any requirements for the vehicles that staff are expected to purchase?
  • How will Hesta ensure that vehicles used for work purposes are safe and appropriate?
  • Will there be any incentive for staff to purchase an electric or hybrid vehicle?
  • Given the supply chain issues with vehicles, is there flexibility with the 30 June deadline?
  • What is the basis for the amount of the vehicle allowance?
  • What steps is the Fund taking to ensure staff have a safe work environment, given the concerns regarding targeting of staff by activists.
  • Has consideration been given to providing unbranded fleet vehicles?
  • Providing the transition payment once the fleet vehicle is returned means that staff will not be able to use that payment to assist with the purchase cost of the new vehicle.  What assistance will be available to assist staff to have the funds to purchase a new vehicle in time for the 30 June deadline?
  • What is the length of the consultation period?
  • The vehicle entitlement is contained in the Enterprise Agreement.  What is your intention in respect of that?  Do you intend to seek to vary the Enterprise Agreement?  Would it instead be an option to provide people who have safety concerns with an unbranded vehicle or vehicle allowance on an opt-in basis?