Horizon Credit Union Enterprise Agreement 2020

Your Enterprise Agreement will reach its nominal expiry date soon. Horizon Credit Union have agreed to renegotiate a new agreement that will see improved terms and conditions and a new set of wage increases.

Your employer has issued a Notice of Employee Representational Rights. You don’t have to respond to the Notice as the FSU will be representing its members and workers in negotiations.

It is important that we hear from you as we prepare for bargaining – we invite you to complete a short survey:


Results will be used to develop our FSU bargaining claim. We may be in touch with you if we have more questions, but no individually identifying information will be provided to the employer.

We encourage you to share the survey with your work colleagues.


The health and safety of our Workplace Representatives, members and workers are paramount. The FSU is currently in talks with Horizon Credit Union about the bargaining timelines and the option of deferring negotiations as the current situation puts constraints on face to face meetings including consultation with members and workers.  The FSU will keep you informed on the developments.

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Finance Sector Union
Ph: 1300 366 378

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary