Hostplus CEO gets massive pay increase, but employees trail the industry

Throughout the EA process, FSU members have worked co-operatively and constructively to achieve a fair outcome. This has taken a long time, and Hostplus have not yet agreed to offer fair pay increases for all employees.

A key priority for members has been addressing the disparity between their salaries and comparable roles across the sector – our bargaining claim of 4% achieves this. The recent offer from Hostplus of 3.5% was disappointing, but members took the offer in good faith and were prepared to accept.

Then in December 2019, members became aware that CEO David Elia received a 19% pay increase in 2019 alone.

Members were furious to learn that such an outcome had been achieved for a single person, while everyone else was left to lag behind their industry counterparts.

Questions to be answered

How can it be fair for the CEO to get a 19% increase, while everyone else gets 3.5%? How does that match the fund’s values? Why won’t the fund address the disparity between Hostplus salaries and the rest of the industry? Will the fund address the concerns of members, and revise their offer to 4%?

What other questions do you think the fund should answer? Send your feedback to FSU at

Next Steps

The FSU has written to Hostplus and we hope to meet shortly to progress these issues. We will be holding workplace meetings to report any progress and where to from there. More detail on that will be shared soon.

The FSU remains committed to working constructively with Hostplus to resolve this issue, so we can proceed with bargaining and conclude in the most efficient way possible – but always with the core goal of achieving a fair and just outcome on behalf of members.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss the bargaining further please contact Mark Pannowitz at


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Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary