Joining an FSU zoom meeting

Info and FAQs

Getting onto a zoom has a couple of main steps.

First, you REGISTER for the zoom beforehand — then you JOIN it at the time of the session.

To begin, FSU sends out a “Register” link; it takes you to the quick registration form. After you register you’ll be sent a “join session” email. This gives you a few easy ways to join in on the day. You can connect to the zoom on your phone or computer – or call on a phone number.

Here’s what happens, in more detail:

  1. FSU sends out an invite to the zoom session – these usually come in a Member Update email. The email announces the session and describes the issues we’re going to talk about together.
    That email has a Registration link: it will say something like “Click here to register”. In a poster or leaflet you may also see a QR code, which you can easily scan with your phone camera.
  2. That Register link (or QR code) takes you to a webpage, the FSU zoom registration page.
    Here you type in your name and preferred contact, so you can be sent the information to join in the session.
  3. After completing this form, you’ll get an email with details to join the zoom when it begins.
    The email will be sent to whatever email address you provided in the Register form. NOW you’ve got the info to join the zoom. Keep track of this email – it’s how you’ll connect with the zoom when it starts. This email gives you several ways to join; click the one that suits you best!
    Your email will look something like this:

    If you click the “Click here to join” link on a computer or mobile device, you’ll be taken to a web browser window that’ll open the zoom for you. On a smartphone, just click the number indicated to dial in. You can even just use any Telephone, with the numbers provided.
  4. Your confirmation email (or reminder SMS on the day) may also give the number of an FSU Organiser to give any advice to help you get connected. Don’t worry about calling; they’re here to help you get set up and join with your union comrades in the FSU.



Do I need video to join the zoom?

There’s no need to join by video or even have a camera on your computer.

I can’t find how to join the zoom session!

The “Join” links are in an email sent to you from FSU Australia via zoom.

The email will be from a sender like “FSU Australia <>“. If you’re still having trouble finding it, try searching your inbox for phrases like “FSU Meeting”, “Thank you for registering”, or “session Confirmation”.

Make sure you are looking in the inbox of the email address you typed in when you registered. Your email with the links might also be in your spam or junk folder!!

Where is the zoom session? Does it happen in my computer? 

The zoom session takes place on the internet, and all attendees join in by connecting through their internet connection wherever they are. You can join the zoom meeting using your internet browser, like Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Safari.

Do I need the zoom app?

All you need to join is the link in the email you got after you registered.