Hume Bank EA – We’re Disappointed

During this week’s EA meeting the theme from all parties was “disappointment”.

In our EA meeting this week we discussed pay (again!) and have not had any movement on the proposal put to your bargaining representatives.

In our EA survey last week, 85% of respondents told us NOT to accept Hume Bank’s current pay offer.

Hume Bank told us that their survey indicated that people were happy with the offer.

In our EA survey last week over 90% of FSU members indicated you’d be prepared to take some form of action to support our pay claim.

Hume Bank told us they do NOT believe we have the overwhelming support of our colleagues and that you will accept their offer.

We are at a stalemate.

Hume have been clear with us that they will not move on this matter at the negotiating table. They have suggested that either we are NOT communicating with you or you don’t understand their offer.

We continue to advocate that Hume Bank should recognise our contribution to our collective success through an increased pay offer, but this advocacy is falling on deaf ears.

We all need to make a decision:

If Hume Bank puts this agreement to a ballot of staff will you vote to accept it?


Let us know that you will you stand in solidarity with your colleagues to fight for the increase you’ve told us you want.

The time for fence sitting is over.

We are your representatives.

If you tell us to accept Hume’s pay offer we will. If you want to continue to fight, our next step is to lodge an application with the Fair Work commission for a Protected Action Ballot.

Talk to your EA rep today and make sure we know where you stand before our next meeting.


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Finance Sector Union
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Authorised by Rebecca Reilly, Secretary, NSW/ACT Branch