IAG EA Negotiations Update and next steps meeting

IAG hide behind COVID in attempt to lock in substandard agreement until 2023

Earlier this year FSU and IAG had come to an “in-principle” agreement on the terms of your enterprise agreement. In August, citing the impact of the pandemic, IAG walked their position back.

IAG’s offer March 2020 Now
Pay Increases Guaranteed pay increases Pay increases based on performance
% 2% p/a for 2020, 2021 and 2022 1% 2021, 2022; 1.5% 2023
Agreement expiry 2022  2023

Fair’s fair – IAG should not use the Pandemic as an excuse.

When IAG walked back their position on pay increases in the negotiations, members were upset but prepared to listen. We acknowledged that the global pandemic would change things and were prepared to renegotiate some of the things we’d already agreed on.

IAG were not prepared to be as fair. A guaranteed pay increase doesn’t cost IAG any more than one based on performance. We shouldn’t let IAG use the pandemic as an excuse to maintain unfair pay increase structures.

Increases in pay to keep up with the cost of living should not be based on performance.

IAG also want to extend the Agreement to lock in the 2023 pay cycle as well. They’re already reducing your pay increases, why should we lock them in that far into the future? Nobody knows what 2023 will hold. Members have been more than fair in dealing with IAG’s approach to their pay increase. Let’s keep the original term of the agreement as agreed.

Last week, FSU members and shareholders raised these matters at the IAG AGM.

Come to the FSU member meeting tomorrow for a report back and to decide on our next steps towards a fair agreement.

FSU member meeting,
Thursday 29 October

8pm NSW/VIC/TAS/ACT; 7pm Qld; 7.30pm SA; 6.30pm NT; 5pm WA

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Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary