FSU members secure
historic IAG deal!

Performance pay model removed

Today, the FSU Worker Council is excited to announce that we’ve reached a deal with IAG to secure our terms and conditions – including pay increases that aren’t linked to performance – for the next 3 years.

FSU members have participated in member meetings, signed petitions and gotten involved in social media to demonstrate support for our campaign, and together we’ve made a difference that all IAG workers will benefit from.

Our new EA will include the following:

1. 3 year agreement

2. Fixed pay increases no longer linked to performance*

Year Fixed Increase
2021 1.5%
2022 1.5%
2023 1.75%

The new agreement represents the first time in a generation that pay is not linked to performance outcomes in IAG, and reflects the recommendations of the Royal Commission into the finance industry.

The FSU Worker Council is proud of this outcome and encourages you all to take the opportunity to show your support for this deal when the agreement is put to ballot in the next month or so.

Stay tuned for more information about how to vote and when the ballot will take place. Together we’ve been able to secure industry leading conditions @iag!

In Unity,

*access to the increase has some conditions including risk and compliance


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Authorised by Nathan Rees, National Assistant Secretary