IAG EA Update

Last night IAG members met to discuss IAG’s refusal to improve your EA offer.

We agreed that IAG’s current position is not good enough, and that we need to build broad support for our counter position.

For IAG’s agreement to have FSU support, it must have the following improvements:

  • Pay – minimum of 1.5% for 2021 and 2022
  • Time – expiry BEFORE 2023 pay period
  • Pay Structure – guaranteed increases for all staff

This is an extraordinarily fair position. We need to show IAG that thousands of their employees agree. To do that, we’re launching this petition.

If you support the FSU position, please sign it, and ask your colleagues to do the same.

Sign the petition and get involved.

To make it a little easier to share the news with colleagues, we’ve put together an explainer on negotiations to date, and IAG’s position:

The more employees who sign in support, the stronger our position will be.

Together we can make this a fair agreement.

In Unity,

Authorised by Nathan Rees, National Assistant Secretary