In-principle agreement for your new CBA Enterprise Agreement

After months of negotiations, your Bargaining Representatives have reached in-principle agreement with CBA for an improved Enterprise Agreement (EA) at CBA.

This result is only possible because you and your colleagues sent the CBA a strong message that they needed to do more!

Read about all the improvements union members have won below.


One off Payment

An additional $1,000 cost of living payment (less tax) will be paid after the Agreement commences. This is not pro-rated for part timers.

Salary Increase Eligibility

Removed requirement that will need to have “completed mandatory learning requirements for the relevant performance year”.

Removal of GC1 and GC3 Grades

All employees in those grades will move to either GC2 and GC4 respectively.

Minimum Rates

Minimum rates adjusted through the term of the Agreement.

Junior Rates

Removed from the Agreement.

An improved Enterprise Agreement

Workloads and staffing

Now have a standalone clause – easier to see, understand and utilise.

Includes new reference to Group mandatory learning being part of workload and completed during ordinary hours.

Includes section that states CBA will fill vacancies that arise as soon as reasonably practicable having regard to business needs and requirements.

Includes reference to disconnecting from work and the development of guidelines:

CBA supports employees working flexibly, disconnecting from work and balancing their work and life commitments. CBA will develop guidelines that address contacting employees outside of their normal work time concerning work related matters. The focus of such guidelines will be aimed at respecting employees’ periods of leave, rostered days off, non-working hours and support employees disconnect. These Guidelines will not form part of this Agreement.

Tea Breaks (Rest Breaks)

New clause that provides a mechanism for payment if you are unable to take your rest break!

This means that no one will ever go without either taking a tea break or payment for one ever again.

Tea Breaks / Rest Breaks are available to everyone – including those on ASPs!

Overtime rate for part-time workers

Any hours worked in excess of 38 hours will be increased from from 125% to 150% for first 3 hours, and 200% after first 3 hours (aligning with full-time worker).

Remote working

Amended existing clause:

  • Requests will be genuinely considered.
  • Bank must consider personal and family circumstances, customer and business requirements, the nature of your role and any other relevant matter.
  • Timeframe to terminate the Agreement is now 8 weeks notice (previously 4).
  • No longer includes the expectation that you need to be in the office at least one day per week as part of a Remote working arrangement.

Working flexibly

Existing clause has been updated in line with legal changes.  Workers now have the right to dispute at Fair Work – through to arbitration.

Permanent change of work location

Now includes minimum 4-week notice period (previously no minimum notice period).

Parental Leave

Increased Paid Parental leave from 13 to 18 weeks.

Now accessible from day one of employment (previously required 12 months service).

Removal of primary/secondary carer distinction.

Family Planning Leave

New entitlement providing for 5 days paid leave per year to support workers through family planning activities such as IVF, adoption, surrogacy and appointments.

Compassionate Leave

Improved to provide for additional 7 days paid leave (in addition to 3 days entitlement) if required (including for miscarriage within first 20 weeks of pregnancy).

Domestic and Family Violence Leave

This entitlement is now uncapped paid leave entitlement.

Gender Affirmation Leave

Increased from 4 weeks paid leave to 8 weeks paid leave.

Menstruation and Menopause Support

New provision outlining support available if employee experiencing discomfort, pain or other symptoms relation to menstruation and menopause, including work from home arrangements, flexible arrangements in the workplace, using personal leave. Possibility of additional leave if exhausted all of paid leave.

Sorry Business Leave

Increased from 3 days paid leave to paid leave as needed.

Community Service Leave

Now 10 days paid leave (previously unpaid leave).

Jury Service Leave

Now 13 weeks paid leave (previously 20 days paid leave).

Meal Allowance

Increased from $28.95 to $30.00.

First Aid Allowance

Increased from $723 to $804 over the life of the Agreement.

Car Allowance

Increased per KM amount from 80c per KM to 89c per KM over the life of the Agreement.


Simplified definitions of comparable and non-comparable positions including reference to current role.


Now have minimum consultation periods specified in event of redundancies.

Induction Rights

FSU reps and officials will now be able to present to new employees on a quarterly basis about the union and why they should be members of the FSU!

Joint Consultative Committee

Establishment of a committee made up of FSU Representatives and CBA representative that will meet 4 times a year to discuss:

  • Grading;
  • Performance-related Pay;
  • The operation of clause 37 “Major Workplace Change”
  • The operation of clause 38 “Dispute Resolution”;
  • The viability and practical implications of a “4-day work week” for full time employees;
  • Any other matter agreed between the parties.

Other changes in the proposed EA offer

Annual Leave Loading

CBA propose to ‘grandfather’ for those currently receiving, not offer to new employees and increase minimum rates as compensation.

District Allowance

CBA propose to ‘grandfather’ for those currently receiving, not offer to new employees.

Interpreter Allowance

CBA propose to ‘grandfather’ for those currently receiving, not offer to new employees.

Relieving Allowance

To be grandfathered, and instead payment for relieving will be based on the KM’s travelled in excess of 15km per day beyond your regular commute (or reimbursement for public transport).

Note: if you are currently receiving you will be able to claim both relieving allowance and per KMs travelled.

Life Leave

Bank have introduced additional 2 days Life Leave (to a total of 5 days Life Leave) where you have:

  • Minimum 2 years service;
  • Used all annual leave accrued in prior 12 months;
  • Your remaining balance is equal to or less than 1 week;

Otherwise, remain 3 days Life Leave if remaining balance is equal to or less than 4 weeks.

Pet Leave

You can use 2 days of Personal Lave to care for a pet (not new entitlement).

Changes to Part Time Hours

Current EA allows for a reduction in part-time hours of 25% in one year, then an additional 10% up to maximum of 35% in following year. CBA have proposed to change this to a 20% reduction on part-time hours in any year.

Planned Health Related Appointments

Current EA has restrictions about use accrued personal leave for planned appointments, proposed to remove restrictions for up to 4 days of accrued leave.

Annual Leave – Shutdown

New clause providing CBA ability to direct employees with 6 weeks notice to take leave that does not exceed 5 business days as part of a full or partial shut down (CBA originally proposed 10 business days after 4 weeks notice).

Changes to timing of payment of salary increases

CBA want to be able to change reference date for salary increases from July to October with 3 months’ notice (and with appropriate compensation so no one is financially disadvantaged).

Performance Related Pay

CBA want to be able to recover any PRP paid to an employee if engaged in misconduct (CBA originally wanted to withhold payment if someone had been alleged – so not yet substantiated).

Transfer Related Expenses

Simplified reimbursement for trave, relocation expenses and temporary accommodation up to 7 days with a one-off allowance of $1500.

Higher Duties and Secondment Allowances

Will not be based off of the minimum rate of the role upon which you are performing. Note: If this is less than your current role, then CBA would need to offer more to encourage participation.

Span of hours

Individual can now request to commence work between 5am to 7am (without loadings).

Notice Periods

Now 4 weeks’ notice (for employee and employer) but one week in first year of service.

Salary on redeployment

If someone accepts a non-comparable role with a lower salary, they will retain their salary from previous position for 9 months. Can only be shorter if agreed with the FSU.