Invite to participate in research into financial worry

Financial worry has become a pervasive problem in Australia. Yet little is known about the effect of financial worries on people’s mental health and day-to-day decision making. We urgently need to better understand these effects, to help those who experience financial worry and the financial services industries to tailor their services.

Hence this invite to participate in a survey with that purpose.

To get a complete picture, we encourage both people with and without financial worries to participate. Through participation, you make a valuable social contribution and give scientific research into financial worries and financial well-being a significant boost. You contribute to results that we can use to help avoid and reduce financial worries and their negative consequences in our society. You will be part of an international research project, as we will also survey people in Europe.

The research will start in September 2021 and run for six months. Every second week we ask you to complete a very short questionnaire of just 1 to 2 minutes about your financial wellbeing at that time. Only the very first questionnaire will be slightly longer. You can register here to participate in the research (and read more about the project here). You will then automatically receive the first questionnaire as soon as the investigation starts. Your answers will of course be processed anonymously and not be shared with anyone.

For more information, please contact Associate Professor Dr Riccardo Welters at James Cook University (

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary