RAC Sales and Member Services Enterprise Agreement 2021

Proposal to Remove Annual Leave Loading

Do you think this is fair?

An annual leave loading of 17.5% currently applies to all employees covered by the RAC Sales and Member Services Enterprise Agreement 2019.

During negotiations for our new Agreement, RAC has proposed removing the 17.5% annual leave loading entitlement.

RAC say the reason they want to remove leave loading is because employees who fall outside of the Sales and Member Services Enterprise Agreement do not receive leave loading.

What does this mean for you?

You lose out.

Currently you receive the 17.5% as a lump sum payment in the first pay run in December. Under RAC’s proposal this loading will no longer be paid.

Is it fair?

Union members have fought long and hard for conditions including annual leave loading and such entitlements are a prominent feature of collective agreements. Do you think it is fair for RAC to remove annual leave loading?

We need to hear from you now.

Don’t delay:
tell us what you think about RAC’s proposal.

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Please provide your feedback by 5pm Monday 14 June.

Authorised by Dianne Marshall, Local Executive Secretary WA