Is MyState's offer fair? Here's our chance to say NO!

MyState management want you to vote on their proposed Enterprise Agreement this week. They want you to vote on this Agreement but they haven’t listened to your feedback or concerns.

Make sure you attend our FSU Enterprise Agreement information session via Zoom this Wednesday to find out exactly what’s in MyState’s deal.

Last week, we wrote to the MyState Limited Board, asking them to intervene in your Enterprise Agreement negotiations.

As your Union, we raised serious concerns around MyState’s lack of transparency. We also urged the Board to give you a fair pay increase – at least 3% for all three years of your Enterprise Agreement, with your pay increase backdated to October 2020.

Now, MyState has taken the extraordinary step of putting their proposed Enterprise Agreement to a vote on Friday 4th of June without a clear consensus from you. The bank hasn’t changed their pay offer, which includes just a 2% increase in 2022 and 2023 and backdates your pay rise only to April*.

MyState’s CEO, Melos Sulicich responded to our letter and told us the bank’s offer is fair and shows ‘responsible restraint.’ Yet MyState and Mr Sulicich have repeatedly refused to tell us how much a fair pay increase will cost. Does that seem like responsible behaviour?

You and your colleagues now have the power to decide whether you should accept MyState’s offer.

MyState want you to think this is a fair and generous deal. But based on the limited information the bank has given us, we know how much a fair pay rise would cost – and it’s not much.

Come to our Enterprise Agreement information session via Zoom this Wednesday 2nd June at 7:30pm to find out exactly what’s in MyState’s deal – and how we can work together to win a deal we deserve. Register here!

In Unity
Your FSU Bargaining Team

*In our last communication, we said that MyState’s position was that they couldn’t afford to backdate their pay increases to April 2021. We meant October 2020
Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary