9 November 2023

Is the Governor’s response good enough?

This week RBA have put forward some additions to their previous offer. These additions are a direct result of a great number of us voicing our real concerns about being left behind our colleagues across the finance industry and APS.

However, does Michele Bullock and the broader Executive Committee’s response go far enough?

Let us know through our quick and confidential poll.

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RBA latest proposal include:

  • Additional 0.2% increase to base salary over the 3 years. Proposal is now 4% in year one, 3.7% in year two, and 3.5% in year three.
  • A one-off cash payment of $1000 before tax and is not pro-rated.
  • Increasing emergency service leave to 20 days.
  • NO to backpay to September 2023.
  • NO to working from home arrangements in the Agreement.
  • NO to ensuring that no one will be worse off through RBA’s review into RDOs.

Cost of living pressures continue to be a major issue for all of us. The addition to base salary proposed by the Bank would merely meet the current proposal to our APS colleagues.

However, we should be clear, the current proposal of 11.7% for APS staff is still under negotiations and the subject of potential industrial action.

What do you think of the Bank’s latest proposal? Let us know through our confidential poll.

In unity,

Your FSU Team

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary