Job Cuts and Chaos at NAB

Our Communities Need Service Not Sales

Hayne Was Right – NAB Learned Nothing from Banking Royal Commission

At November’s AGM a NAB shareholder stood up and relayed the important role of front-line staff in making sure he remained a customer.

A few months later, and barely four weeks since the Royal Commission’s final report singled out NAB for sharp criticism, NAB is cutting more than 900 front-line customer service roles at branches across Australia.

NAB is only cutting roles that don’t generate sales. This is all about pursuit of short-term profits, disregarding the importance of these workers to their local communities. By cutting customer service roles, NAB is reinforcing Commissioner Hayne’s observations that there was a wide gap between NAB’s public face and what the bank did in practice.

Targets Aimed to Get Customers Out of Branches

These same workers have been subject to targets aimed at reducing the number of over the counter transactions; now that’s achieved, their jobs are being cut.

These cuts to hours will disproportionately impact working women, who are overwhelmingly represented in these roles.

With customer aggression already up it remains unclear how the remaining staff are going to cope with the additional workload. Customers are already fed up with the long queues and high-pressure sales, followed by ridiculous surveys to rate NAB.

Staff Given Only Days to Consider their Future

NAB has provided very short timeframes for consultation and for workers to make significant decisions about their future.

The FSU has sought more time from NAB and will escalate this matter to the Fair Work Commission to ensure loyal workers have appropriate time to make decisions that will have significant implications on their working lives.

It is of enormous concern to workers that the NAB still doesn’t understand it must work to regain public trust – and that can’t be achieved by slashing staff who deliver customer service.

Need Support or Advice?

FSU will be out talking with workers from Wednesday and we will be making sure NAB addresses these issues.

In the event you need immediate advice or support call the FSU Member Rights Centre on 1300 366 378.


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