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“I’m a proud member of my union because together we can make our workplaces fairer and safer.”

Myrna Ellery
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Union members earn more

In Australia, unionised workers earn 31% more than their non-unionised workmates. (Source: The New Daily)

Get Support

Union membership gives you support when things don’t go to plan and access to professional, independent and confidential advice about any workplace matter. Professional support and advice is only a phone call away.

Save Money

We know that money is tight, that’s why your membership also comes with extra discounts on petrol, shopping and travel.

Membership is affordable. We know that money is tight. That’s why your membership comes with extra discounts on petrol, shopping and travel which make a huge difference to ordinary Australians.

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A secure future

The minimum super guarantee is 9.5% but some finance workers are paid up to 15% super under their union negotiated conditions!

Better conditions

When the pandemic hit, we lobbied for, and won, things like special paid leave for impacted workers, working from home, suspension of targets etc.

Better pay

CBA members have been campaigning for better conditions across the organisation, and with increased union membership, were able to increase CBA’s pay offer from 1.25% to 3.25%.