Keeping our communities safe – support for finance workers

You may have seen reports in the paper criticising NAB staff for participating in shared lunches and non-essential activities while their branches were closed to the public in the afternoons due to Sydney’s lockdowns.

I want to be very clear about the union’s position: This is unacceptably risky behaviour during a global pandemic, but the workers in those photos are not the ones to blame.

NAB senior management organised and encouraged those events and they took no action for weeks while the photos were posted on their Facebook page. NAB have a responsibility to create a safe working environment for staff, and it’s a disgrace that they’ve chosen to lay blame with their employees now that the information is public.

As a union, we know that it can be almost impossible for an individual to stand up and speak out when put in a dangerous situation at work, and that often to do so would come at great personal and financial risk.

If you believe that something that’s happening at work is putting you and your community at risk, we can help.

If you’re being made to work from an office or branch when you could work from home, we can help.

If your workplace isn’t managing the risk of COVID-19 transmission seriously enough, or you’re at greater risk than others and don’t feel safe, we can help.

Your information will be kept confidential from your employer, but we will work to have the issue addressed to protect our community.

Here’s how you can get in touch:

SMS:         0488 816 113
PHONE:   1300 366 378

In Unity,
Julia Angrisano

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary