Leave reduction

FSU members have many questions about leave in the pandemic. Here are some key questions and answers.

Q: Can QBE direct me to take my annual leave?

A: Strictly speaking, QBE does have the ability to direct you to take some of your annual leave in certain circumstances. This ability is laid out in clause 21.3(b) (i) and (ii) of the QBE Enterprise Agreement 2016:

21.3 (b) QBE may direct you to take annual leave by giving your at least 4 weeks’ notice in the following circumstances:

(i) as part of a close down of part or all of its operations between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day except where there is a single day in the period immediately following New Year’s Day, in which case this day may also be included in the close down period; and/or=

(ii) where you have more than 8 weeks’ annual leave accrued, if you are not directed to reduce your annual leave balance to less than 12 months’ annual leave accrual

Q: Can QBE direct me to take long service leave?

A: While legislation allows QBE to direct you to take your long service leave in every state except WA, FSU believes that employers should always try to accommodate your personal preferences. If you have been directed to take your long service leave and it doesn’t suit you, contact the FSU and we’ll provide you with advice and support.

Q: How much notice does QBE need to give me if they are directing me to take long service leave?


Q: I’ve already booked leave that I want to cancel as I’ve had to cancel my holiday, how can I do that?

A: You should approach your manager to request the cancellation of your booked leave. You should outline the reasons as to why you’d like to cancel the leave. If you encounter any difficulties in doing so, contact the FSU.

If the cancellation of pre-booked leave places your annual leave balance above 8 weeks, QBE may reasonably direct you to take some of that excessive leave balance as described above.

If you were directed to take leave and your leave balance was lower than 8 weeks at the time the direction was made, you should contact the FSU.

Q: I have a question about Coronavirus and what type of leave I am entitled to take

A: Call our Member Rights Centre on 1300 366 378 to discuss this with our team!

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary