Let’s Build a Brighter Future for CBA Employees: Time to endorse our log of claims

Since the beginning of the year CBA workers from across the country completed our survey in preparation for Enterprise Bargaining negotiations.
This was a critical step in our Enterprise Agreement campaign and provided invaluable insight into what change you want to see at CBA and the improvements you want to see to your pay and conditions.

There were some clear themes that came from the survey results which you want to see addressed including pay and cost of living pressures, job security and understaffing and workloads. A summary of your survey results can be viewed here.

Your FSU Representatives met last week to discuss what is important to you and endorsed a log of claims which covers these key areas:

  • Industry-Leading Pay and Super
  • Secure Jobs
  • Safe Workloads and Staffing Levels
  • Improved Work/Life Balance
  • Progressive Leave Entitlements
  • Better Access to Training
  • Improved Consultation and Representation

Click here to view the full claim.

Show your support for the FSU Claim

We are seeking your endorsement of the log of claims which will be presented by your bargaining team during negotiations.

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In unity,
Your FSU Team

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary