Link Group wants us back in the office

In June this year, Link Group CEO Vivek Bhatia announced he would be forcing all staff back to the office at least 50% of the time. 

This decision was made without consultation or warning and applies as a blanket rule without exception. 

Link staff have worked hard through COVID-19 and have proven we are just as productive at home as in the office. So why are we now being asked to disrupt our lives just so Vivek can have bums on seats in the buildings he rents? It isn’t fair. 

Our working from home entitlements are too precious to be left to the whims of bosses. The best way to protect it is through our Enterprise Agreement! 

Link Group have written to the FSU confirming their intention to bargain for a new Enterprise Agreement for approximately 2500 staff in Retirement and Superannuation Solutions. This gives us the best opportunity to enshrine our working from home entitlements in an Agreement that is legally binding. This means that nobody can take it away without you having a say! 

When FSU members stand together, we build the workplaces we deserve. 

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