Link Group - We are in the news

We are in the news! The Australian Financial Review has run an article about Link Group CEO Vivek Bhatia receiving a massive pay rise (which was 76% once you include bonuses!) while proposing a pay cut those of us covered by the SuperPartners agreement.

We continue to call for a 6% increase in year one to keep up with rising inflation and the cost of living. They are stuck on their offer of 3.5% for the first year and have refused to put this to a ballot for us to vote on.

Their offer – which is less than half of the current inflation rate of 7.8%, falls short of what we need to combat the rising cost of living.

Our union is taking Link Group to the Fair Work Commission to claim that they are breaching good faith bargaining rules and goes to conciliation on Monday 27 March 2023.

Your voice matters

Now, more than ever, our voice matters. Please reply to this email and share your experience with the rising cost of living and the financial pressures we face, so the FSU can anonymously share our stories and keep the pressure on Link Group to provide the fair pay we deserve.