Member EA Poll Responses & Merger FAQ

After our recent member meeting to discuss working from home entitlements in your enterprise agreement, we committed to conducting a poll of members to find out if you were in favour of accepting management’s position, or taking further action to secure your working from home rights.

The poll was open for more than a week; we thank every member who participated in the process and made their views clear about what next steps they wish to take.

Your decision on WFH rights

39 people responded to the poll. A clear majority – almost 70% – are content to accept management’s position and take no further action to secure their working from home rights.

While this is disappointing for the 30% of members who do wish to press the single remaining claim in the negotiations, it is a good thing that so many members have made their views known.

For this reason, we will communicate with management and let them know that we do not intend to press any issues in the negotiations further. We will propose that the existing Agreement be extended for a twelve month period, and bring the process to a close.

Potential merger – FAQ for members

In response to the potential merger with AustralianSuper, many members have asked us to prepare a FAQ document. You can find a copy of those FAQs here.

We will continue to communicate with members on developments in the proposed merger.

Best regards,
Nicole and Alex

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary