ME Bank - Important FSU Member meeting

Join us to discuss ME Bank’s sale to BoQ and what this means for employees

Dear Members,

After much speculation, Adam Crane this morning confirmed that ME Bank will be sold to Bank of Queensland. Despite all the rumours, this will be a shock to many of us.

Our top priority is making sure that all ME Bank staff are looked after. Your union is on your side and is here to support all of us.

We will be holding two Zoom meetings today, one at 11am and another at 1pm AEDT.  Please register for whichever time suits you best and we encourage everyone who isn’t yet an FSU member to also register and attend.  In these meetings all ME staff will have an opportunity to discuss matters confidentially and to plan next steps.

Click here to register for the 11am meeting. 

Click here to register for the 1pm meeting. 

Your Union has worked with ME and BoQ in a collaborative way leading up to this announcement to protect your rights in this process. We feel confident about the early commitments BoQ have made.

BoQ have also indicated that the ME brand, operations, and Melbourne based operations will be retained. We welcome the comments made by BoQ who recognise the importance of ME Bank staff to the BoQ Group.

Your Union is focused on ensuring that your jobs are protected, all redeployment opportunities are maximised across the BoQ Group, and that the bank does the right thing by everyone at ME.

Throughout this process, our Union community will be informed, know our rights, and support each other to get through this together.

ME Bank support you attending these meetings, so please take the time to attend.  Our ME Values are important to all of us – simply joining this FSU meeting means you’re upholding those values.

We hope you can all join us.

In unity,

Authorised by Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary