30 September 2019


The ANZ Bank is closing more branches in Victoria and South Australia in a move that will inconvenience customers and result in bank workers being made redundant.

ANZ branches at Gladstone Park and Endeavour Hills will close in November this year, at the same time as Burnside in South Australia, and branches at Castlemaine and Foster will close in March 2020.

A total of 30 staff will be affected by the closures, along with customers and communities.

Finance Sector Union (FSU) Local Executive Secretary (Vic/Tas) David Scanlon said that ANZ had closed 33 branches around Australia in the past year.

“The major banks all hide behind the excuse that the numbers of customers using the branch has fallen because they are moving to internet banking but we know that’s just a fairy tale,” Mr Scanlon said.

“The real reason the banks close branches is because the branch is not generating enough profits for the bank,” he said.

“It is a disgrace that the ANZ is blaming customers for its’ decision to shut branches.”

Mr Scanlon said it was time the banks understood the impact on customers and local communities when they deserted towns and suburbs.

“The ANZ is dumping these communities and walking away from its’ customers and staff because it has chosen to put profits before people.”

Instead of closing branches, the Finance Sector Union is calling on the ANZ Bank to properly consult with its’ workers and communities about the future of its’ branch network before making decisions to abandon communities.

“The ABA Protocol on branch closures should require banks to consult with local communities when deciding on the future of their branch networks. In most cases, no community consultation is being conducted.”

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Authorised by David Scanlon, Secretary, VicTas Branch