The Finance Sector Union of Australia congratulates Mr Matt Comyn on his appointment as the next CEO of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA).

“The CBA Board has clearly made a decision that the bank’s much-needed cultural change can be driven from within. Mr Comyn knows the bank’s internal environment – warts and all – as current head of retail.

We hope that his familiarity with the culture and internal landscape of the bank will enable him to move swiftly to effect the cultural change that staff and the Australian community expect,” said Julia Angrisano, Finance Sector Union National Secretary.

“Ultimately, we want the Commonwealth Bank to be prosperous and respected. We share Mr Comyn’s vision, and we will work with him towards those ends.

However, critical to restoring public trust is the fair and decent treatment of bank workers in the CBA.  We look forward to an effective working relationship that builds prosperity and restores respect.”

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Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary Written By David Mott