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Meet your FSU
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Introducing your FSU Bargaining Team

We would like to introduce ourselves as members of your Finance Sector Union Committee for the RBA. Our Union Committee is made up of Peter Tancred, Jason Jux, David Symonds, and Ben Griffiths.

2021 is set to be an important year as we move through the impact of COVID-19. A particular focus for all of us at the RBA will be the negotiation of our Workplace Agreement within this new climate. We look forward to representing your interests during this bargaining process and welcome your support and feedback as the process continues over the coming months.


BankingDay provides an analysis of the issue of pay increases for this round of workplace agreement negotiations, and the competing interests of the Federal Government’s Wage Price Index (WPI) plan and the RBA’s own economic advice.

Union members continue to seek a pay increase outside of the WPI Plan that reflects the contribution RBA Staff make to Australia’s central bank.

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