FSU's Member Rights Centre

The FSU Member Rights Centre (MRC) has trained staff who can provide assistance when you need information, advice or support in relation to any workplace matter.

Every week the MRC receives hundreds of enquiries from members requesting all sorts of information and advice.

If you’ve ever wondered if or when you should call, here’s a quick guide.


you have questions about leave, pay, breaks, targets, workloads or other work issues.

you’re having discussions about your performance.

you’re asked to do something in your job that you’re not sure about.

your job changes significantly.


you do not agree with your performance review.

you’re unsure about your rights or obligations at work.

you require information about FSU Membership Benefits.

The MRC is open Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm EST – 1300 366 378

So if you’re a member of the FSU and you need advice about your rights and entitlements at work, please do not hesitate to call us.