Members reject NAB's proposal

Bargaining to recommence

The result of the NAB Enterprise Agreement ballot has been announced and the proposal put forward has been defeated with 13,248 colleagues (53.9%) voting against it.

This is a well-earned result for all of us who tirelessly campaigned to protect conditions and secure a real cost of living increase for all NAB colleagues.

To everyone who has attended a meeting, spoken to a colleague, shared an update, posted on workplace, joined the Union or participated in some other way – congratulations!

This result was only possible because of your collective contributions. You should be immensely proud.

Next steps

Following the release of the ballot results the FSU has written to NAB with our intention to recommence negotiations before 16 December.

We have also formally invited NAB CEO Ross McEwan to the bargaining table, in an effort to resolve these negotiations in the most timely way, and so he can hear your feedback directly.

Once we have a response and a firm date for the next meeting we will share those details with members.

Staying involved

Defeating this proposal was necessary to enable returning to the bargaining table and achieving our primary goal of securing real-world pay increases and improving the working lives of all NAB colleagues.

As we enter this next round of negotiations, if you know any colleagues who have not yet become a member, be sure to share this update with them and ask them to join today.

By encouraging your colleagues to join we will be stronger and more effective, continuing to build our collective voice across the bargaining table.

We will be running briefing sessions on the outcomes of the next bargaining session, so please keep an eye out for further details on when and how to register.

Questions and Feedback

If you have further questions please reach out to your union rep, your Organiser, or email and our team will be in touch.

Your FSU Bargaining Team

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary