MLCL EA 2021

Time to vote

Negotiations have concluded, it’s now your decision.

Negotiations between the FSU and MLCL commenced on 12th March concluding on 20th May 2021.  At the first meeting MLCL expressed their claim to negotiate an agreement that reflected the structure and size of MLCL and recognised and rewarded employees for their contribution to the success of MLCL.

During negotiations the union representatives and workers council worked to ensure conditions and protections were of leading industry standards.  While some of the conditions reflect entitlements that were common in the old NAB 2016 EA we should know this is our new agreement that ultimately provides fair and equitable conditions for FSU members and employees.

Major Points to Consider…

This is a 3 year agreement.

2.25% year 1
2.25% year 2
2.50% year 3

  • GFR Group Floor Rate for Group 1 and 2 to increase by 2.25% in years 1 and 2 and 2.5% in year 3 in Jan of each year.
  • GFR for Group 3 increase by 2.25% years 1 and 2 and 2.5% in year in March of each year.
  • Removal of the overtime cap.
  • Group 3 & 4 entitled to receive written results of their annual review including reasons for the decision.  They can challenge a review and ask for it the be reconsidered.
  • Access for Group 3 & 4 Technology employees to Stand-by and Call Back allowance.

  • Improved conditions for consultation around workplace change.
  • A commitment to support, train and develop employees to assist in meeting the evolving needs of MLCL.
  • Increased opportunities to apply for redeployment to non-comparable positions.
  • Ability to negotiate your salary above the minimum of the relevant grade when accepting a non-comparable position.
  • Industry leading redundancy provisions of up to 109 weeks.

  • RDOs remain as an entitlement.
  • ADOs – MLCL has agreed to consult with FSU during first 12 months of the EA re development of policy and process documentation for ADOs.
  • Performance management process improvements including objectives being achievable in normal working hours and reflect the level of training and coaching provided.
  • Up to 20 days paid leave for employees experiencing domestic violence.
  • Up to 3 days pa Religious Leave is now secured in the EA.
  • Remote Working (work from home) initiatives, including reimbursement for reasonable expenses, that are supportive to employees.
  • Improved relationship clause between FSU, our members and MLCL.
  • Access to new employees via FSU Inductions.
  • Long Service Leave available pro rata at 7 years
  • Lifestyle Leave of up to 8 weeks.

  • Should conciliation not resolve the matter in dispute it may be referred to the Fair Work Commission for arbitration (settlement).

There are many other important facts in the proposed EA and we encourage you to take time to read through the whole EA.

If you were unable to join one of the Zoom meetings on Monday 24th May and believe this offer from MLCL is acceptable please click here.

If you have questions and wish to speak with the union you can contact the FSU Member Rights Centre on 1300 366 378 or contact our organiser Louise Soklevski via email:

In Unity,
MLCL Workers Council

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary