More underpayments, secret job cut plans – Industrial Relations at CBA is Broken!

Yesterday CBA announced that it has again underpaid its staff.

You and your colleagues could be owed millions of dollars. At the same time, a secret review of CBA could see up to ten thousand of your colleagues lose their jobs. Employment practices at CBA are broken.

Decades of deliberate anti-worker strategies are catching up with CBA. Their use of individual contracts to avoid collective conditions has been a signature feature at CBA but time is up.

You want a say in your future at CBA, you want fair pay and secure jobs you can count on.

The rules are broken when the strongest, most profitable bank sets ups systems that underpay low paid workers. The rules are broken when secret plans to slash jobs aren’t shared with impacted workers.

10,000 Jobs to Go?

When confronted with their sneaky plan to slash your jobs, CBA’s response was lame and reeked of spin. You and your colleagues have no comfort that your jobs are safe.

While CBA claimed that media reports that it is closing 300 branches are “incorrect”, it did not deny plans to axe 10,000 of your colleagues’ jobs.

You deserve more than HR double-speak. This is a wholesale change which will see CBA put profits before people, decimate the branch network, and put customers last.

CBA used to have a reputation as a decent corporate citizen where you were proud to work. CBA management needs to fess up and start talking to you about any changes they are making, instead of covering up plans to get rid of thousands of loyal staff.

More Wage Theft at CBA

Yesterday, CBA announced it had underpaid staff through avoidable payroll errors. You and your colleagues could be owed millions of dollars in unpaid entitlements and superannuation.

From staff not being paid the minimum award rates, to underpaid superannuation for part time workers, CBA is scrambling to identify where they have underpaid staff.  While some repayments will be made over the coming pay period, there could be more underpayments to be uncovered.

The FSU is working with CBA to ensure that every worker who has been underpaid is paid the money they are owed, and that the pay issues at CBA stop.

These new underpayments are on top of the systematic underpayment of superannuation for part-time employees in CBA identified in 2017. The FSU campaign won over $22 million in backpay to current and former CBA workers.

Caught out Again, Time for Change at CBA

CBA workers deserve a fair go. Jobs we can count on, fair pay that keep us ahead of the cost of living, and rights that make our lives better.

It is not good enough that CBA thinks it can underpay you, while having secret plans to cut your job.

You are the experts in your role. You know the CBA systems, your responsibilities, and your customers better than any external consultancy firm.  If CBA wants to find efficiencies in the bank, then talking to you and your colleagues needs to be the first step, not the last.

We know that change is a constant in our sector, but when change occurs, you should have the right to be retrained, reskilled and redeployed. CBA shouldn’t wait until the last possible moment to engage you when things are changing.

FSU members have a plan for the future of our finance sector.  We are fighting for a fair transition for finance workers when things change, a professional and skilled workforce, and for banking to be recognised as an ethical and essential service.

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Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary