18 September 2023

Most of us are at risk at UniSuper – we all deserve a say

We’ve just had our first meeting with UniSuper to kick off negotiations for a new Enterprise Agreement (EA), which will determine our pay increases and working conditions for the next few years.

UniSuper have put an offer on the table. But here’s the problem… It’s only for people covered by the EA. That’s only around 100 UniSuper staff!

For everyone else, we’re on our own and we’re at risk.

We won’t be protected by a legally-binding EA, which means we’re reliant on UniSuper staying true to their word.

We won’t get to negotiate our pay and conditions and we won’t get a say on what winds up in the EA.

That’s not ok and it’s time to give all of us a say about our own working lives.

Do you have issues or concerns about your pay or current cost of living pressures? Would you like greater flexibility in the workplace? Now is the time to have a say on all the things that matter to you.

Whether you are covered by the EA or not, HAVE YOUR SAY

The more of us that can have a say in bargaining the better our outcome will be.

We all deserve to have a say about what affects our working lives so please share this email widely with your colleagues so no one misses out.

And if you’re not already a member, now is the time to join.

In unity,
Your FSU team

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary