MyState EA Urgent Bargaining Update - 7:30pm TOMORROW

Thank you for making your voice heard about your work conditions and pay at MyState ahead of your Enterprise Agreement negotiations.

When we spoke to you, you told us that your pay isn’t keeping up with the cost of living, your performance objectives are unclear and sometimes impossible to achieve, and that you have regularly been taking on higher duties without any recognition and extra pay.

Some of you told us you’re working on multiple fixed-term contracts, which make your future precarious and uncertain, and that workers are constantly being asked to relocate to different branches.

FSU recently met with MyState to begin the process of representing these concerns and improving your conditions.

And what did MyState bring to the negotiating table? A plan to cut your pay, reduce your entitlements and even illegally force you to take leave.

MyState’s proposals include:

  • “Simplifying” your pay structure, making it harder for you to progress up the pay scale and lowering average wages
  • Cutting your redundancy pay by between 13% and 70%
  • Illegally forcing you to take a two-week block of annual leave each year
  • Changing the rules around performing higher duties so you can work up to 2 weeks with higher responsibilities and not receive a cent in extra pay

We know these proposals aren’t good enough and will leave you much worse off. It’s up to all MyState employees to work together and fight for a better deal.

FSU and MyState met again today – so we’re holding a meeting via Zoom at 7:30pm this Thursday 25 March so you can stay informed and have your say on how we can fight back.

Click here to register. The meeting is open to members and non-members, so feel free to share this information with your colleagues.

You will also have a chance to hear more about and endorse FSU’s finalised Log of Claims, which we will be presenting to MyState on your behalf.

In Unity,
FSU Team

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary