We deserve fair pay

This week we met with MyState management about your enterprise agreement.

We told them that you deserve a fair pay increase – 3% or more in each year of the Agreement, back paid to October 2020.

We told them about the incredible contribution you have made to MyState over the past twelve months. How you all worked together to deliver great results for MyState and its customers, even at the height of the Covid pandemic.

MyState management agreed.

But they refuse to respect your contribution with a fair pay increase.

Email us now to tell us why you deserve a fair pay increase.

Alternatively, write on the editable PDF here – on screen or printout – and send back a photo with your reason for deserving fair pay!

By standing together, we have already made MyState management take their unreasonable reductions in redundancy pay off the table.

We are meeting with MyState management again on 11 May, so it is critical that we hear your feedback before then. All feedback will be provided to MyState anonymously.

Reply to this email with any feedback or questions about the MyState proposal. Please forward this email to your colleagues to help make their voice heard.

In Unity,
Your FSU Team

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary