NAB abandons staff and forces unfair ballot

Yesterday your FSU Bargaining team reconvened with NAB, to raise concerns about the bank’s position on hours of work and their intention to go ballot in the 3rd week of November.

NAB’s announcement that they are prepared to go to ballot in November without Union endorsement – for the first time in 14 years – is disappointing.

This rushed timeframe is unnecessary for two key reasons:

  1. NAB has the discretion to apply the benefits (inc. salary adjustments) of an EA following a successful ballot. There is no obligation under the Fair Work Act to wait for sign-off by the Fair Work Commission.
  2. NAB can commit to backpay any salary increases to ensure there is no disadvantage to colleagues.

The timeframe now imposed on the negotiations undermines constructive dialogue on key concerns of FSU members including keeping pace with inflation, leave entitlements, and hours of work.

While we agree with reaching a new agreement quickly, we are concerned that this is being done at the expense of achieving the best outcome for our members.

Read a full summary of the Union’s concerns with NAB’s proposals, including hours of work, here.

Inflation is over 7% and members are working to breaking point. If NAB takes their current offer to ballot, we must Vote No.

Commit to Voting No to cuts to pay and conditions

NAB EA Meetings – Advice and support

The Union is aware that colleagues in Groups 6&7 have been asked to hold team/business unit meetings in recent days to discuss NAB’s proposal and its apparent benefits.

This is not uncommon as employers will often direct Senior Management to promote the internal position put across the bargaining table.

However, it is important that the information provided is accurate and balanced.

In 2021 the Fair Work Commission found that CBA Executives had breached their obligations by providing misleading information about the apparent pay benefits of the offer.

And at Westpac last week a Regional District Manager was required to issue a correction to employees after unintentionally misrepresenting the Bank’s position.

Colleagues being asked to facilitate these sessions – if you would like advice on navigating your obligations or believe you have not been provided with the appropriate information to hold these discussions, please reach out via and our team will be in touch.

Colleagues attending one of these sessions – this is an important opportunity to ask questions for greater clarity and understand how these changes will impact your standard of living and conditions. If you have questions or concerns about the information at these sessions, please reach out to your Reps or the Union office.

Next Steps

We are reconvening on Wednesday next week where we expect to get a response to the remainder of Union’s claim, including on long service leave, work from home and regional and remote jobs. Please keep an eye out for further updates following that meeting.

In the meantime talk to your colleagues about what NAB has proposed and ask them to commit to Vote No if NAB goes to ballot.

In Unity,
Your FSU Bargaining Team


Your FSU bargaining team


Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary