NAB: Are Trading Hours Changing at Your Branch?

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

You Have Rights and We Can Help You Exercise Them

In the last 18 months NAB has announced changed operating hours or closure of approximately 50 branches. The six proposals advised in January this year all significantly reduce branch operating hours to four hours per weekday.

We know changes like this can have a big impact on your work life and your pay so it’s important to understand your rights.

What are My Rights?

Your hours of work cannot be just be cut. The following processes and guidelines must be applied at all times.

  1. Your People Leader will notify you in writing of the nature and details of the proposed change and the reasons for it.
  2. Your People Leader will GENUINELY CONSULT with you regarding any proposal to reduce hours, and you can seek the assistance of your union.
  3. Genuine Agreement should be reached after considering the needs of the business and your personal needs. This is achieved through discussion and negotiation and must not involve coercion.

What if We Can’t Agree?

This is why the NAB Enterprise Agreement includes a Dispute Resolution Procedure. It involves escalation of the matter and includes options like going to an independent third party to ensure you are treated fairly.

Support and Representation through Change

Your union can provide support, advice and representation at any time through this process but we recommend you get advice as early as possible. The Member Rights Centre is available on 1300 366 378.

More information about your rights regarding changes to your hours is available here:

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