NAB Board under scrutiny for failure to address workload concerns

Last week at the NAB AGM, proud FSU member and your colleague Justine Sherwood stood in front of the NAB executive team and a room full of entire NAB shareholders, to put the board on notice for the excessive workloads and poor wages NAB staff are struggling with every day.

Justine has been on the NAB EA bargaining team and has seen for herself the disappointing attitudes towards the struggles that NAB colleagues are facing. Her question was followed by a round of applause and was one of many that the board faced in relation to the way staff are currently being treated. Watch below.

Next bargaining meeting in February

NAB Chairman Phillip Chronican and NAB CEO Ross McEwan confirmed at the AGM that they would work with the FSU on a new EA. This follows an overwhelming rejection of NAB’s non-Union proposal in early December.

While the FSU welcomes this commitment, our members are struggling right now and immediate action needs to be taken. Many members have told us that they will be missing out on important family time over the end of year break as they work early mornings and late nights to try and keep on top of everything.

The bank must act urgently to reduce the artificial workload pressures that are driving these excessive hours. As we head into the holiday season, the best gift that the NAB Board and Executive team can deliver is a 2023 free from excessive workloads and delivering a real wage increase.

Meanwhile the FSU is continuing to explore our legal options to address this issue on behalf of members.

The NAB executive team are in the spotlight for their failure to act, and colleagues all across Australia have voiced their displeasure by rejecting the bank’s offer. When we return to bargaining next year, every extra member we have will help add more pressure on the bank to do better.

If you have someone in your team who’s not a member of the FSU, have a chat to them and get them to sign up – in addition to helping push for a better deal, union fees are completely tax deductible and come with a wide range of benefits.

Union office closure

Please note that the FSU office will be closing at 5PM AEDT on December 22nd 2022 and re-opening on 3 January 2023.

Any urgent industrial matters can be emailed to MRC@fsunion.org.au or you can call 1300 366 378 and leave a message including your name, contact number, email address and a brief description of the issue.

Wishing you all a safe and healthy 2023,

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary