NAB: Business Bank Staff Want Recognition

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Excessive Workloads and Long Days are the Norm 

Consistent feedback across NAB Business is that employees are being let down by systems and processes and this is not being recognised by senior management.

Employees have reported to the FSU that there has been a significant increase in workloads as a result of work being redirected from fulfilment centres back to staff at Business Bank Centres. This in conjunction with hundreds of vacant roles is resulting in long days often for no additional pay or recognition.

FSU Members Call for Meeting with Anthony Healy 
Last week FSU members agreed it was time to meet with Anthony Healy to find a way through issues including:

  1. The ongoing operation of Business Fulfilment centers as a support function for employees in the network;
  2. Adjustments to scorecard objectives arising from the additional workloads caused as a result to the failures in Business Fulfillment;
  3. Adjustments to scorecards objectives arising from additional workloads caused by vacant roles;
  4. The payment of Overtime or Time Off In Lieu in accordance with the provisions in the Enterprise Agreement;
  5. Changes to the finish of the performance year that may adversely impact your performance;
  6. Ensuring systemic failures do not adversely impact your remuneration and incentive outcomes.

Your Rights 
The NAB Agreement requires NAB to adjust your performance objectives where you can demonstrate that attainment of your performance objectives has been adversely impacted by a lack of relief.

The Agreement also requires Overtime payments or Time Off In Lieu to be paid for additional hours required to be worked to for all Group 1 and 2 employees. You get to choose whether you get paid penalty rates for the work or TOIL hour for hour.

Want to Be Collectively Represented? 
To be collectively represented on the issues described above please select the link below. Please make sure you include your name, work location and your mobile number.

I work in NAB Business. Please register me for collective representation.

Stronger Together 
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Authorised By: Julia Angrisano, National Secretary