NAB: CA1 Restructure – They’ve Listened!

Revised scorecards, training and a commitment to be paid for the extra hours you work.

Thanks for all your feedback. Our collective voice has certainly had an impact on the approach NAB is taking to the restructure.

Yesterday, we had a follow-up meeting with Mike Baird and Krissie Jones, to hear about the measures that are being implemented in response to your feedback.

Training and Development

A new training program will ensure staff who are required to undertake telling work are appropriately skilled. You should notify your People Leader if you require any training to undertake telling functions. You should not take on duties you are not appropriately trained in.

Scorecard Objectives

Financial measures have been removed from CA1 scorecards. Adjustments will be made to the scorecard objectives for all CA2 employees, based on how much time you will required to undertake telling functions. As the restructure is implemented NPS will be monitored to mitigate any impact caused by the restructure.

Overtime Payments

You should be paid for all additional hours you are required to work at the appropriate overtime rate. Krissie Jones will be providing further communication in relation to the payment of Overtime. If you are not being paid you should immediately report it to

Revised Policies and Procedures

Changes are being made to policies and procedures that need reconsideration to accommodate the changes. For example, arrangements for cash pickups and deliveries and pick-ups, EBDs, increases to internet banking transfer limits and toilet breaks. You should continue to follow current polices until revised policies are issued.

Regular and Systematic Casual Hours

If you’ve worked regular and systematic casual hours your existing retrenchment calculations may need to be reconsidered.

A Guaranteed Job

It’s important to remember NAB’s standing commitment that everyone who wants a job will have one. By moving to the relief pool, you can also guarantee your days and hours.

Support and Assistance for Members

As offers are being made it’s important you get things in writing. If you’re unsure about things like the difference between a comparable role and an acceptable role call the Members Rights Centre on 1300 366 378.


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Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary