26 September 2019

NAB Caves to Union Pressure

FSU Members WHS and Workloads Concerns Vindicated

For months FSU members have raised concerns about the impact job cuts introduced by Anthony Healey were having on workloads and their mental health. In several BBCs and Connect Centres it has got so bad employees contacted the union and sought the assistance of Health and Safety Reps.

This week media outlets are reporting NAB will be hiring 163 new bankers. Although this is likely to alleviate some of the Work Health and Safety concerns raised by FSU members, there are still serious issues around wage theft.

Genuine Retrenchments or Poor Leadership?

The move also raises serious questions about whether banker retrenchments over the last 12 months are genuine redundancies or a crisis of leadership and culture. FSU is considering referring this matter to the Australian Tax Office. If you know more email nabmembers@fsunion.org.au and share with your former colleagues.

Clarification of Overtime

People Leaders across B & P should by now have received clarification of appropriate Overtime and Time Off in Lieu arrangements. While Overtime pay is limited to employees in Group 1 and 2, additional hours for Group 3 and 4 employees must be reasonable and it is appropriate to be compensated in time or money for unreasonable hours.

You can review the Overtime Factsheet issued to People Leaders here.

Backpay/TOIL for Additional Hours Worked

If you’ve been working additional hours and have not been paid, the FSU Member Rights Centre can assist you to lodge your back-pay claim. Email mrc@fsunion.org.au for assistance.

Enterprise Bargaining

With negotiations for a new agreement commencing on 1 October FSU members will continue to prosecute the case for fair pay and workloads across NAB. We will be providing regular updates as negotiations progress.

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary