NAB EA Bargaining
– and AGM next week

Throughout the recent ballot period we committed to bringing NAB back to the table to recommence negotiations before the end of the year if we successfully defeated the proposal.

We’ve now confirmed that negotiations for our new NAB Enterprise Agreement will recommence on Thursday 15 December. NAB have also agreed to our call for a member of the Executive Leadership Team to be at the table; Susan Ferrier, Group Executive People and Culture will be attending.

It is important that Susan attend so she can hear directly the feedback and concerns you have provided to your FSU Bargaining team.

NAB AGM – Friday 16 December

At the NAB AGM 2021, NAB Chairman Phil Chronican and CEO Ross McEwan claimed they took the pay, health, wellbeing and safety of colleagues “very seriously” and was “its highest priority” in response to questions raised by the FSU following the release of our our report into exploitative and excessive hours of work practices at NAB.

However, over the following twelve months the Board and CEO have failed to meaningfully respond to our report and concerns. Instead they delivered a real-world pay cut to 30,000 colleagues during a cost of living crisis.

On Friday 16 December 2022, NAB will hold this year’s Annual General Meeting and the Finance Sector Union will again be attending on behalf of Union member shareholders.

This is an important opportunity to hold the Chairman of the Board and CEO accountable for their actions – or lack of action – over the previous twelve months.

Our delegation will be raising questions over why the Board failed to respond to our Working for Nothing – How NAB robs employees’ pay, health and family time report which they received at the last AGM.

We will ask why, at a time when Executives are receiving excessive pay increases, they are delivering a pay cut to 30,000 colleagues.

Further, we will be recommending to all shareholders that they vote against the Executive Remuneration report. We have written to major institutional shareholders to do the same.

If you would like to nominate the FSU Delegation as your proxy holder, or for information on how to vote, follow this guide.

Please forward this email to your colleagues so they can proxy or vote as well.

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