Our EA Bargaining Team met with NAB this week

This week things got a bit tense at the bargaining table

NAB EA Bargaining Update #3

Job security and the future of work were on the bargaining agenda this week.

You told us that job security and support to access the jobs of the future are important to you, but NAB didn’t want to hear firsthand from your reps how poorly the change management process has been handled through Enterprise Transformation. They’ve now agreed to listen to what your Reps have to say so we will be continuing that discussion next meeting.

In the meantime, download our Future of Work Feedback Form (at www.fsunion.org.au/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/NAB-Future-of-Work.pdf), share it with your colleagues and scan and return it to nabmembers@fsunion.org.au. Your stories and feedback are powerful, and we need them if we’re going to win a process that respects and values you for the work you do.

Pay discussions coming up

We’re expecting to hear about FY19 remuneration outcomes next week and then we can start talking about the changes we want to see to the remuneration model to ensure you get paid fairly for the work you do and that we lock in measures to eliminate the gender pay gap.

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